Uwe Kaiser's research page

My address: Department of Mathematics, Boise State University, 1900 University Drive, Boise, Idaho 83725

email: ukaiser@boisestate.edu

My research interests are in Geometric topology. I consider myself a Differential Topologist interested in all problems related to manifolds. These are questions of immersions and embeddings. I am interested in link theory in manifolds and in low dimensions in associated geometric and quantum invariants. I am also interested in all aspects of Quantum Computing. Here are some questions I am presently working on or interested in: Categorification of invariants of links in 3-manifolds (LMO-invariant, skein modules); Geometry of skein modules; Computation of quantum invariants in low-dimensional topology; representations of fundamental groups of 3-manifolds.

Selected presentations

  1. Rokhlin seminar (St. Petersburg, Russia, 05-17-2021) A survey of Bar-Natan skein theory
  2. Geometric topology seminar (Moscow, Russia, 04-30-2021) String topology and homotopy skein modules
  3. Joint AMS/MAA Meeting (2021, online, 01-06-2021) Kashaev and extended Kauffman summation; slides
  4. Knots in Washington XLIX (Washington DC, 02-09-2020) Kashaev invariant and Kauffman states; abstract
  5. CUNY Einstein Chair Seminar (New York, 04-23-2002) Skein modules and 3-manifolds

I am also giving regularly talks in Boise State’s Department of Mathematics TATERS seminar.


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STEM Education research: (with Louis S. Nadelson, Sharon McGuire, Kimberly Hardy, Kisten A. Davis, Arvin Farid and Yu-Chang Hsu) Am I a STEM Professional? Documenting STEM student professional identity development; Studies in Higher Education, July 2015

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